Friday, January 14, 2011

a very odd day by Grace Gilmore for school

By Grace Gilmore
Today was a very odd for Kat Gilmore she had been told something she hoped was a rumor. Because hearing your best friend has a major crush on you makes you feel strange when you see them. Don’t you think? Well back to the story ,so Kat sees Jack and she panics she can’t think of what to do so she just stands there frozen.

Jack says “ Hi Kat,” Kat says “Hey,” she didn’t know what else to say so she just ran off to go ask her friend Ianto what to do. She finds him in the office outside of “TORCHWOOD” the alien catching facility she says “Can I ask you something it’s important,” he replies “ Sure, what?” “It’s Jack I think he likes me, and I’m trying to not appear peculiar“ she says “ Your notpeculiaryour just weird sometimes.’’ “ Thanks I enjoy being weird it’s a lot more fun than being normal.’’

They talked for two hours and she started to get a little crush on Ianto. She hadn’t thought about it much so she forgot in about a few seconds. She did think of it the next day, and then she remembered what she had heard the other day she didn’t know who she liked or how she was going to tell them when she found out. She went to TORCHWOOD like she did everyday. She said hi to Ianto and went inside she saw Jack and she froze (again) then she stood there for a sec. and thought about what to say to him and when she did he had disappeared into his office. She sighed and walked in then she said… “ Jack why do you like me? I mean when did you find out that you liked me?”

Jack says “ Um Kat who told you that?” Kat says “ Owen he said you had a major crush on me and know that your asking who said that I’m guessing it’s not true,” Jack says “ Yeah your right it’s not true.” “Oh thank god I mean it’s not that I wouldn’t want to date you you’re a great guy, but I like Ianto.” So Kat goes to tell Ianto that she likes him. Kat walks into Ianto’s office and finds him reading her diary and she says “ Ianto what exactly are you doing with my diary?” He says “ Not reading it,” as he closes it. Kat says “What part did you get to,” he says “The part about me and Owen.” Kat says “I’m glad your honest with me unlike Jack.” She says “ What did he read about this time,” Kat says “ Himself as usual it’s so annoying how full of himself he is don’t you think?” “ Yeah he’s ridiculous.” “ Well since you read my diary then you probably know that I like you right?” “ Um no I didn’t know that.” “ Crap! Wait how do I know your not lying?” “ I’m not lying I didn’t know until now.” “ Well then, again Crap!” Ianto laughs “ Yes me being stupid is very amusing so do you like me?” “ Um actually yes I do your going to punch me know right?” “ I should punch you for reading my diary but I won’t because I like you remember?” “ Right, so we’re going date starting know is that right?” “ I guess so know I can brag to my friends that I have a boyfriend and you can brag to Jack & Owen that you have a girlfriend.”
And so they still love each other now and they will love one another for eternity or longer.