Monday, November 15, 2010

A.S.K. dye shop intern Grace!

At the A.S.K. Dye shop ... Grace is learning a lot; there are kitty friends too. Thanks Ali Bellos!
And thanks to her friend for the yummy tea and sandwiches .

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today my french teacher came to my house. I learned about classroom objects and phrases. Like une porte means door and that une chaise means chair. I labeled alot of things and looked at pictures in a pretty book. We asked each other how we were and how old we are ( in french). It was very fun and entertaining hooray! Then when liz got home i introduced her to my french teacher it was a very entertaining day.

French class at the little pink house!

working on it!


There are leaves,a stick,and a thing from a magnolia tree. The thing from the magnolia tree has a
bunch of red seeds and leaves all over it. The leaves from the other tree are light brown with dark brown
spots and stems. The stick is dark brown with a green tint to it and it has moss. You would usually find these
things in the fall. This is part of my assignment for school. my french teacher is on her way now i will post after

P.S i drew a penguin at the coffee shop this morning.


Yesterday I went to my friend Ali's dye shop i played with her two cats Pickles and Noppet. Pickles is an orange tabby and Noppet is a gray, white, and black tabby. They are very cute and very sweet. when i was there i made some fun dye colors and i made a calender with paper,and a card, some thread, and a needle. It was very fun and easy i dyed some fabric and brushed the cats. It was cool i had to wear a gas mask and gloves it was very interesting and cool. I loved it hooray! I go again next Monday as part of my new internship there. pictures soon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the six swans from the Grimm brothers


by the Grimm Brothers

The six swans is about a king that has seven children ( six boys & one girl) and he has them kept in the forest so no one can find them when the queen finds out she is not to thrilled. So she sews shirts that are magic so who ever puts it on turns into a swan ahh! The queen finds the children and put the shirts on them, but she does not know that the girl is still inside the house. when the girl saw her brothers fly away in the forest, and the queen had left the girl went searching for her brothers. she found a little hut with six beds inside, and she then heard the sound of wings rushing through the wind. she saw six swans flying in through the window they took off their feathers a though they were shirts. it turned out to be her brothers they said to her " the only way to break the spell is sew us shirts from star flowers, and you can not talk nor laugh while doing so or it won't work." so she did as she was told it took six years, and she could not speak or laugh which was all right for she did not have anyone to talk to. when a few years past someone saw her and thought she was so beautiful that he made her his bride. as the last of the six years went by she kept sewing the shirts and in the end her brothers came and put on the shirts and lived in a castle with their sister.

I think my followers should read this story because... the six swans is a very interesting read. the girl's love for her brothers took over all the rest it was such a entertaining story i HEART IT.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hi im Grace this is my first post on my awesome new blog check out my blog to find out more about me TTYL